Below is The Ability Center’s Staff phone directory arranged alphabetically according to first names. Please feel free to request an individual directly, or their extension.

Amanda Bell 260 Accounting/Payroll Assistant
Angie Goodnight 239 Information & Outreach Coordinator
Anna Jones 173 Training/Kennel Manager
Ash Lemons 230 Director of Housing & Advocacy Services
Audrey Johnson 172 Outcome Measurement Coordinator
Becky Opperman 221 Receptionist
Becky Strieff 238 Nursing Home Transition Coordinator
Brianne Gruber 226 Director of Outcome Measures & Marketing
Caleb Schillace 145 Inclusive Recreation Coordinator
Carrie Smith 146 Breeding/Acquisition Coodinator
Cathy Quinones 231 HRC Program Support Specialist
Chris Daunhauer 241 Equipment Loan Coordinator
Cre Smith 262 Life Skills Program Specialist
Curtis Jackson 228 Accountant II
Dan Wilkins 257 Director of Special Projects
Debbie Andriette 247 Director of Human Resources
Debbie Keller 249 Community Resource Advocate
Don Smith 224 Nursing Home Transition Manager
Eryn Sanders 178 Community Resource Coordinator
Jack Perion 235 Director of Finance & Operations
Jenny Barlos 141 Client Services Manager – ADAI
John Bowen 171 Maintenance Coordinator
Jordan Kwapich 169 Client Services Coordinator – ADAI
Judy Eckel 142 Trainer – ADAI
Katie Hunt Thomas 254 Disability Rights Attorney
Kim Arnett 222 Director of Community Services
Kim Danes 242 Director of Development
Kim Holmes 144 Training Specialist
Kristina Ervin 221 Receptionist
Lisa Justice 237 Executive Assistant/Office Manager
Mallory Tarr 227 Marketing Coordinator
Matt Browning 264 General Laborer
Matt Whitmore NA Janitor
Mindy Metzger 259 Home Accessibility Manager
Nancy Jomantas 253 Event Coordinator
Sara Soper 250 Youth Transition Advocate
Sarah Krueger 271 Life Skills Associate Director
Shane Stevenson 243 General Laborer
Shelby Philips 256 Life Skills Program Specialist
Shelly Burkey 240 Development Assistant
Terry Lanning 263 Construction & Housing Supervisor
Tim Broud 269 Community Living Specialist
Tim Harrington 236 Executive Director
Tina Calhoun 176 Foster/Furlough Coordinator – ADAI
Valerie Novack 174 Disability Rights Advocate
Vera Arnold 143 Prison Puppy Coordinator – ADAI