We are a collaboration of individuals with a shared passion for making a difference in the community. United by a vision of supporting equitable and inclusive communities for people living with disabilities, The Ability Center is one of nearly 550 Independent Living Centers across the country.

We are driven by experience. People with disabilities serve in leadership positions and at least 51% of our staff and Board of Trustees must be people living with disabilities. This approach gives us the benefit of assisting the community from an experienced perspective that one cannot get from books or other resources.

History of The Ability Center

Since opening in 1920, The Ability Center has a long history of service to the community of Northwest Ohio. To learn more about the Center, please visit the History page.

Employment at The Ability Center

The Ability Center does not discriminate in employment. If you are seeking a new position, you can find details on how to apply on the Employment page. You may want to volunteer in one of The Ability Center’s programs. You can find out more about volunteering on the Volunteer page. The Center also maintains a list on various community employment opportunities.