Community Partners and People with Disabilities Creating 5 Star Quality Service

Derreck Dufresne and Mike Mayer of Community Resource Associates developed the concept of Five Star Quality Service (relative to delivery of disability services) and describe it as follows:

“Disability systems can only bring people to Three Star Quality. No matter what we do, no matter what kind of staff we have, if it is disability system-based, it cannot achieve more than Three Star Quality. Three Star Quality is good, Four Star Quality is better and Five Star Quality is great.

There is a line that delineates and differentiates level Four and level Five Star Quality. Four and Five Star Quality can only be defined by the community – not by the disability system. It is that line that distinguishes the journey that makes and helps people be better clients (Three Star) or allows people to practice citizenship (Five Star), their birthright. Citizenship is not anything that we bestow upon people with disabilities. They have it as a result of their birthright”.

The Ability Center assists individuals with disabilities to achieve their goals and move from client to citizen status; from merely being in the community (Inclusion: Three Star, good) to being of the community (citizenship: Five Star, great). The Ability Center also provides technical assistance, disability awareness training and support to community organizations working to provide inclusive programs and services.

How Do People with Disabilities Get Involved?

Contact The Ability Center to become more involved in this process. Individuals with disabilities can direct the focus of the Center’s attention and energy. If there is something in community you would like to do, for example, take an art class at the Museum, or visit the Zoo, or sign up at the YMCA/JCC, let us know and we can begin the process of making that happen.

If interested, please contact Tiffany Painter, Intake Coordinator, at (419) 885- 5733 or (866) 885-5733 (Toll-free).

What Resources are Available to Community Organizations?

If you organization wants to become more skilled in how it works with people with disabilities, please visit the Disability Awareness Training page. For more information on Five Star Quality and Inclusive Communities, please visit the websites of Derrick Dufresne and Al Condeluci.