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We can help

The Ability Center assists people with disabilities to live, work and socialize within a fully accessible community.

If you need assistance with maintaining your own independence, or helping a family member acquire their own, we can help. The Ability Center provides resources for living with disabilities and a variety of programs for assistance.

We are committed to helping you help yourself and your loved ones.

8 Responses to “We can help”

  1. Yvonne Aziza Preston

    I need to have some one evaluate my self trained service dog, I have a mental illness that I have trained my dog to work with me

  2. Angel Milligan

    I had a brainstem stroke about 8 years ago when I was 37. It has left me in a wheelchair and with very little balance. I am on falls precautions. I mostly fall in transfers when I an tired or from reaching for things. How much is a service dog and can you have another dog?
    Thank you,
    Angel Milligan

  3. Ariel Clark

    Who can I speak to about my service dog questions? I own a seizure alert dog. I was denied the 30 days of team training that my dog & I needed. He is a great dog & going through adolescent challenges, can you refer me to appropriate assistance? Thanks,

  4. Joya Long

    We purchased a Goldendoodle for our son with disabilities we are looking for a trainer. Can you give us names or does your agency help with this?

  5. Larnetta

    I am disabled, I have lived in my home for 24 yrs. My one section of my basement wall is bowing out and I don’t have the funds to fix it. Is the some help for me to have this fixed?

  6. Mishalet Brown

    Im trying to srll a 2016 brandnew wheelchsi can u help?

  7. DeAnn E Glaeser

    I’m in need of a service dog,how do I get a application? I’m a diabetic, kidney disease, and a amputee and in need.

  8. Karen Jarman

    I am a disabled Veteran. I purchased a used shuttle bus 18 months ago to transport power chairs and wheel chairs for myself and my partner. Last week, apparently from a complaint, Department of Neighborhoods inspector Dickerson issued order 344902 demanding I remove the vehicle from my driveway, allegedly 7 business days from the receipt of the order (dated08/25, received 08/27). The letter threatens $300 fine, 250 court fine an 30 days in jail, but if I comply, I lose my mobility for trips with my equipment. They cite TMC 1107.1803 (A) as their authority. I don’t have the $150 to file an appeal, is this a lost cause?

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