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Policy Advocacy and Analysis

Policy Advocacy and Analysis at The Ability Center of Greater Toledo

The Ability Center systems advocacy team conducts policy analysis and advocates on behalf of people with disabilities at a local, state, and federal level. We concentrate on policy issues facing those with disabilities including Olmstead issues, Medicaid and health care issues, and Housing issues. The Ability Center has a long history of conducting policy analysis and advocating for policy changes on behalf of people with disabilities.

Listed below are Ability Center recommendations, editorials, white papers, and comments on policy issues impacting people with disabilities.

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Transit Needs Survey

From July through November 2015, The Ability Center of Greater Toledo promoted a transportation needs assessment aimed towards those who use public transportation in northwest Ohio to give feedback on how the state of public transportation affects their quality of life.  In short, how easily they are able to get around.  The survey was aimed to get a sense of who uses public transportation what problems do they experience, and where do they want to go.

Amicus Briefs

ACT, Toledo Fair Housing Center, and Disability Rights Ohio file joint Amicus Brief on Reasonable Accommodation issues

The Ability Center of Greater Toledo, Toledo Fair Housing Center, and Disability Rights Ohio filed a joint Amicus Brief in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in a case involving a woman whose request for a reasonable accommodation was ignored by the Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority. The woman has a physical disability that makes it difficult for her to move up and down steps. When her two-story apartment became too difficult for her to live in, she provided a doctor’s note to LMHA asking that she be able to move her Section 8 Voucher to a one-level unit.  Rather than grant her permission to move, LMHA did not respond to her request.

At trial, the jury decided against her when the judge failed to inform them that an unreasonable delay in granting a reasonable accommodation can constitute a denial of that accommodation. The Ability Center of Greater Toledo, Toledo Fair Housing Center, and DRO disagree with the Court’s failure to instruct the jury on that issue of law and have filed an Amicus Brief in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals asking the Sixth Circuit to remand the case.


Public Comments

Comments on the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council Of Government’s Public Involvement Policy November 7, 2014

Comments on the Lucas Metropolitan Housing Agency’s Reasonable Accommodation Procedures, February 25, 2015

Comments on Ohio’s Draft Plan to Comply with the New Federal Home and Community Based Services Requirements, January 23, 2015

Comments on Ohio Housing Finance Agency Qualified Allocation Plan, April 28, 2015

Letter to National Church Residences Regarding Reasonable Accommodations May 21, 2015

Implementing a 1915i Program for Adults with Severe and Persistant Mental Illness in Ohio, June 5, 2015

ACT Provides Input to 2016 Ohio Consolidated Plan, September 30, 2015

Ohio Housing Finance Agency, August 24, 2017


Public Testimony

Testimony to the Senate Finance Committee, May 15, 2015

Testimony Before the Senate Finance Committee, June 11, 2015

ADA Notification Hearing, May 19, 2016

City of Toledo ADA Transition Plan, June 30, 2016

Policy White Papers

Ability Center Olmstead Fact Sheet

Ability Center Olmstead White Paper