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ADA Government Compliance

The Ability Center systems advocacy team works to monitor local and state governmental agency compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, acts as a resource to assist state and local governmental agencies in compliance, and, when necessary, investigates systemic complaints involving violations of the ADA by governmental agencies.

Some examples of ADA governmental agency compliance projects include:

City and County ADA Compliance: The Ability Center of Greater Toledo has worked with the City of Toledo to ensure the appointment of an ADA coordinator, post ADA grievance procedures and notices, and conduct an ADA compliance review. We also work in this manner with other local and county municipalities. Below is an example of such work:

Montpelier Complaint – The Ability Center has filed a Department of Justice Complaint against Montpelier Exempted Village schools regarding access to its recently renovated football stadium.

State ADA Compliance: The Ability Center put together a white paper in January, 2015 evaluating Ohio state compliance with the ADA and Supreme Court Decision of Olmstead v. LC. See the white paper here. If you are interested in having someone from the Ability Center speak on Olmstead issues, contact Katie Hunt Thomas at kthomas@abilitycenter.org.

Ability Center Olmstead White Paper

Ability Center Olmstead Fact Sheet

Transportation Complaints: The Ability Center of Greater Toledo monitors the performance of ADA regulated public transportation systems in the Greater Toledo Area. If you have a complaint regarding your experience with TARPS or other public transportation systems in Toledo, we would happy you file a formal complaint. You can begin by viewing our standard transportation complaint form here: