The Ability Center provides essays on a variety of disability-related topics for further information.

Our Social Circles

Understanding Social Circles

According to Derrick Dufresne, (Five Star Quality Defined, October 2008, Dufresne and Mayer), successful community inclusion can be measured by … Continued


The Process of Cultural Shifting

by Al Condeluci From the book, Cultural Shifting TRN Press, 2002 “Humans are the only species who is not locked … Continued


The Need for Inclusive Communities

An Essay by Dan Wilkins, Director of Special Projects A Parent’s Words… “Our son has almost no friends. He has … Continued


Ideas to Build Community

  A community is a network of individuals united in pursuit of a common cause. With that in mind, here … Continued

Five Star Quality Chart

Five Star Quality Defined

Derrick Dufresne Mike Mayer Senior Partners CRA: Community Resource Alliance October, 2008 To help provide further definition, this is … Continued


Community and Social Capital

by Al Condeluci, PhD Community is a network of people who regularly come together for some common cause or celebration. … Continued