Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence currently operates the Prisoners Uniting Pups and People (PUPP) Program at the Toledo Correctional Institute. The PUPP Program enables ADAI to produce more assistance dogs for consumers on our waiting list. Carefully screened inmates are taught to raise and train dogs for ADAI. The inmate trainers work diligently with their dogs, but they cannot complete the socialization process necessary in training our dogs.
Therefore, a furlough home is very important to make dogs in this program successful. For one week out of each month the dogs live with furlough families who offer exposure to situations that are not available in the prison setting. The dogs encounter children, other adults, house routines and home sounds such as vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, telephones, doorbells, etc. The dogs may go to the vet, a baseball game, the grocery store, a school, a restaurant, a walk around the neighborhood, a run around a farm or to many other fun places. ADAI provides all supplies necessary to keep the dog for a week and the furlough makes a commitment to have the dog each month the dog is housed in the prison. This is usually for six to eight months.


– Pick up and drop off the dog at the Toledo Correctional Institute or ADAI’s Education and Training Facility.
– Be prepared to work with a dog 1-2 weeks out of each month for a up to a 9 month period.
– Provide a safe living environment for a dog. Dog must live inside your home and have access to most living spaces the family will be spending time in.
– Take the dog on public outings to complete the socialization process.
– Have a home that is a clean and healthy living environment for the dog.
– Give the dog daily, supervised exercise.
– Provide an ample supply of appropriate dog toys and bones to keep the dog busy and happy.
– Groom the dog on a daily basis.
– Provide toys, treats, some grooming supplies and a dog bed.
– Learn basic dog training as provided by the ADAI training team.
– Take the dog to the ADAI vet occasionally. (Out of town furloughs will provide their own vet care.)
– Regularly record notes in the furlough notebook.
– All people in the household must be supportive of training process.

ADAI covers all costs of veterinary care and general dog care supplies.

Becoming a Furlough Volunteer

To apply to become an ADAI furlough click here for the Furlough Application. Once the completed application is submitted, an ADAI staff member will contact you to set up an in-home interview for furloughs. During the interview the staff will review the responsibilities of a furlough and answer any questions you may have. Once you are approved as a furlough, you are placed on a waiting list until we have the right dog for your home. The wait can range from a week to a couple of months.