Pet Home Adoption Program

Occasionally, we determine a dog in our program is not well suited for service or therapy work. When this occurs, we make every effort to find a new job for the dog and sometimes that job is being a family pet. We affectionately refer to these dogs as Fabulous Flunkies. Due to high interest in our released dogs and a low release rate, we maintain a limited waiting list. However, we do post released dogs’ profiles on our Facebook page when a good match is not found on the waiting list, so that is the best way to know when we have a Fabulous Flunky available. We will also post when there is an opening on the limited waiting list. Please be aware there is an adoption fee for Fabulous Flunkies, and you must live in the Toledo area or surrounding counties to be eligible.
If you are contacted to adopt a Fabulous Flunky, an ADAI representative will set up a day and time for a phone interview. Arrangements will be made for you and your family to come to our facility and meet the dog. When a person adopts a dog, there is a two-week “trial period,” and we will hold your adoption fee until that time is over. If, for any reason, the dog is not working out for you or your family, you have the option of contacting us and returning the dog, and we will return your fee during the trial period. Note: if we have concerns about the care and welfare of the dog you have adopted, we have an obligation to remove the dog from your care

You must live in the Toledo area or surrounding counties to be eligible for a fabulous flunkie!

Available Flunkies

NOTE: We are currently not accepting applications at this time due to a large waiting list.