Audrey Johnson

Audrey Johnson

Outcome Measurement Coordinator

Audrey was employed at The Ability Center for four years in various roles before being named Outcome Measurement Coordinator. During this time, she worked in the Nursing Home Transition Program, was an Administrative Assistant at the front desk, and now in her current role in the Information & Referral Department.

Audrey shares about working at The Ability Center, “I feel the Ability Center is a natural fit for me. I’m a very easy-going person and I love helping others.”

“I enjoy doing surveys with the consumers and our community that we serve. Their input is so valuable in perusing our goals here at The Ability Center. The data that I collect not only tells us how we are doing as an agency helping our community, but it’s also a way that donors can see how their contributions impact those that we serve. It’s a very rewarding job!”

In her free time, Audrey enjoys camping, exercising, church activities, and spending time with her family.