Eleven-year-old David is as busy as any other boy his age. He attends school, enjoys reading, swimming, and watching movies. He has also been a participant in Special Olympics. In 2007, David was diagnosed with Autism. His disability has affected his speech and his ability to focus.

At an Autism Conference in 2012, David’s mother, Rhonda, learned of Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence. Rhonda wrote to ADAI, saying she and her husband were looking for a dog who could be David’s buddy; a dog who could help to calm him down, when necessary, and help him unwind when time to go to sleep at night. They were also hoping a dog could help David to be more focused, and to encourage him to take responsibility.
In the summer of 2015, a dog named Rose seemed to be a perfect match for David. Her calm, sweet demeanor was enough to alleviate anyone’s anxiety, as she always gladly welcomed attention and praise. David and his parents were instantly excited about his new best friend.
While at Team Training for the week before graduation, David was a joy to have in class. He was always making the staff and other client laugh and smile. David and Rose were officially joined at ADAI’s 2015 summer graduation. Rhonda stated, “Rose has become a great friend and companion. She will hopefully minimize his meltdowns and improve his confidence and social skills. It only took her a few days before she settled into her new routine with her new family. We are more than happy to have her.”