Abraham (Abe) Lee is an 8-year-old from Montpelier who received a ramp provided by The Ability Center’s Home Accessibility Program. Abe is living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. When Abe began showing significant signs of weakness around the age of 8, his mother began searching for resources. Her search led to our Bryan office. After discussing the options, Abe’s mom saw the impact the ramp program could have on his quality of life. After this phone call, Abe received the new ramp, and a new sense of self-sufficiency.

Before the ramp was built, a family member would carry Abe in and out of the house and then put him in a transport chair. Since the ramp installation, he is able to move around independently with the use of a power chair. Abe’s mom shares, “He has more freedom to just GO!” He will no longer need the assistance of his parents to go outside Abe Social Mediaand play with his siblings. Now, you may see Abe taking walks to the park and exploring the town with his new set of wheels. Since life after the ramp, he has a way to get out of the house all on his own.

He now also gets to join his friends on the school bus for the very first time.

This project was funded through a grant from the Ohio Development Services Agency, Ohio Housing Trust Fund.