Toledo Crash Wheelchair Football

Established in 2003, the Toledo Crash is an integrated wheelchair football team dedicated to increasing awareness and building community. The team accomplishes this by creating opportunities for sports enthusiasts with and without disabilities to come together around the sport of football.

2013 Toledo Crash Wheelchair Football Season

Athletes with and without disabilities play Toledo Crash games using wheelchairs. If you have an interest in participating, please contact Jim Etzel at (419) 885-5733.

Season Schedule
Date Opposing Team Time Location
Saturday, February 16 UT Recreation Therapy Club 1:00 PM UT Health Education Bldg
Saturday, March 23 The Express 2:00 PM Owens Community College
Saturday, April 6 The Gray Wolves 2:00 PM Lourdes University
Sunday, April 21 UT Rockets Football 2:00 PM UT Student Recreation Center

What is Wheelchair Football?

Toledo Crash game

Toledo Crash game

Players typically play wheelchair football on a basketball court with two teams of players with and without disabilities all using wheelchairs. Using a Nerf football, it incorporates most of the traditional rules of football with a number of accommodations intended to level the field. These adaptations make participation possible for everyone.

Why Schedule a Game with Toledo Crash?

Playing a game with Toledo Crash provides a unique opportunity for individuals with and without disabilities to interact with one another, to witness and experience “what is possible”.

For those playing and those in the audience, old myths and stereotypes die on the court. The excitement generated is real, and the visual impact of seeing people with disabilities competing on an equal basis with individuals lacking disabilities is long lasting. Every time a Toledo Crash player takes to the floor, he or she is adding to their understanding of themselves and what they can achieve when given proper support and encouragement. Everyone benefits from the respect and knowledge gained by competition.

How do We Make the Game Fair?

By using different classifications for players with varied abilities, wheelchair football allows all individual to compete on an equal basis. There are three player classifications:

Level 1 – Fully-functioning arms, hands, and eyes (paraplegics, amputees, non-disabled, etc.).

Level 2 - Limited arm and hand movement (quadriplegics, etc.) or visually impaired

Level 3 - Minimal or no arm movement (high quadriplegics, etc.) or blind.

With these classifications and a few other rule changes, anyone can play wheelchair football. To compete, each team needs a minimum of six players. Toledo Crash will provide wheelchairs to the opposing team.

Toledo Crash playing

Who Plays Against the Toledo Crash?

Anyone can participate. Toledo Crash has competed against local soft ball teams, student groups from University of Findlay and University of Toledo. More recently, Owens Community College joined the schedule. Our longest running rivalry is with the University of Toledo Rockets Football team.