Flagship Collaborative Playplace

Having an accessible playground for children with disabilities is a dream many parents have.

That dream is about to become reality in our area thanks in part to our Ottawa Country office and community partners.

Flagship PlayplaceA new completely accessible playground will be coming to Port Clinton’s Lakeview Park. It’s called the Flagship Collaborative Playplace and it will replace the existing faulty structures at the playground. Construction on the 600-thousand dollar facility will begin in late May and is expected to be finished in mid June. The project is funded by the Port Clinton Kiwanis, Rotary and the Lions.
For more information on getting involved in the project call us 419-734-0330

• There is a music component built into the playground
• There is various items for limbic and vestibular sensory input
• There is a lot of color and free play items
• Accessible swings including a nest swing related to hearing impairments
• Those who have cochlear implants often times do not use plastic slides because of the static which builds up while sliding
• The team incorporated metal slides to ensure those with cochlear implants were able to utilize the structures.
Physical disabilities
• All items on the playground allow for access and transfer.
• Ramp design allows for access to the tallest structure and the ability to free play in the light house structure.
In addition a great number of the individual components address various needs of play and people with disabilities
• Proprioceptive planning
• Motor planning
• Tactile input
• Auditory input
• And Social development



Take a look at the website for the project here and stay tuned for updates!