Advocacy Alert: H.R. 620

Advocacy Alert: H.R. 620
| The ADA Education and Reform Act |

H.R. 620 is a federal bill that will weaken the civil rights of people with disabilities by creating additional barriers to demanding access in places open to the public. The bill does not prioritize access for people with disabilities.

Noah’s Gift

The Ability Center was honored to receive a check from Noah Martinez, former Ability Center consumer. The gift of $1,000 was raised by Noah to donate in memory of late Ability Center staff member, Dennis Mussery. Dennis and Noah began working on independent living skills in November 2012. Building on employment capabilities and gaining valuable experience, Noah soon landed his first job after connecting with Dennis.

MLK Day 2018 – Harriet Ross Tubman

Born into slavery in 1820, Araminta “Minty” Ross, known to us as Harriet Ross Tubman, began to be “hired out” at the early age of five. Often beaten for being “headstrong,” at 13, while trying to protect a fellow farm worker, she was hit in the head by a metal weight thrown by an overseer. The severity of the injury would cause her to have seizures and headaches for the rest of her life. The injury would also cause her to have premonitions and vivid dreams. She would refer to these as “God communicating with her.”

A Bond Between Veterans Never Ends

Local U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam veteran, Paul Johnson, a double Purple Heart recipient, has a caring heart for other veterans. Along with his wife, Stephany, the Johnsons are helping three local veterans with disabilities become more independent by funding three separate ramp projects through The Ability Center’s (ACT) Home Accessibility Program.

Path to Empowerment Grant

Path to Empowerment
Grant funded by the National Council on Independent Living
Support from the ones who see disability differently

Outreach to rehabilitation facilities connecting individuals with independent living resources has always been a high priority of The Ability Center (ACT). Through The Ability Center’s Path to Empowerment grant, funded by the National Council on Independent Living, we are improving quality of life for countless people in our community who have suffered a spinal cord injury (SCI).


ACT as an agency has a deep understanding on how to execute a smoother, quicker, and more manageable transition from rehab to independent living.