MLK Day 2018 – Harriet Ross Tubman

Born into slavery in 1820, Araminta “Minty” Ross, known to us as Harriet Ross Tubman, began to be “hired out” at the early age of five. Often beaten for being “headstrong,” at 13, while trying to protect a fellow farm worker, she was hit in the head by a metal weight thrown by an overseer. The severity of the injury would cause her to have seizures and headaches for the rest of her life. The injury would also cause her to have premonitions and vivid dreams. She would refer to these as “God communicating with her.”

A Bond Between Veterans Never Ends

Local U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam veteran, Paul Johnson, a double Purple Heart recipient, has a caring heart for other veterans. Along with his wife, Stephany, the Johnsons are helping three local veterans with disabilities become more independent by funding three separate ramp projects through The Ability Center’s (ACT) Home Accessibility Program.

Toledo Community Foundation’s Stranahan Supporting Organization Awards Grant To The Ability Center

Mallory Tarr, Marketing Coordinator
The Ability Center


Toledo Community Foundation’s Stranahan

Supporting Organization Awards Grant to The Ability Center

SYLVANIA, OHIO, December 11, 2017 -The Board of Trustees of the Stranahan Supporting Organization of the Toledo Community Foundation approved a grant to The Ability Center in the amount of $20,000. These funds were used to support one assistance dog sponsorship through The Ability Center’s Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence Program (ADAI). Costs covered include veterinary bills, training, food, and equipment expenses.

Ohio’s Operating Budget Update

Ohio’s Operating Budget has been taken up by the Ohio Senate for review. This page focuses on key issues relating to changes in the Medicaid budget.

The Ohio General Assembly passed its final two-year budget last week. At the end of last week, Governor Kasich used his veto to eliminate three budget provisions that would harm Medicaid in Ohio.